About Me

Whilst driving a million miles over my forty years in construction sales, I listened to countless plays, serialisations and talking books. When I retired, I cast about for something meaningful to achieve. Spurred on by my love of storytelling, I decided to write. How difficult can it be, I thought? Very, I found.

Writing has led me to explore the complexities and vagaries of growing older; how you are viewed by society and how you view yourself. I am also inspired by the rich history and beauty of The Ironbridge Gorge, my home.

I’m passionate about Rugby and interested in Cricket, train journeys, photography and bird watching.

I have a wife, four children, two step children and a dog all of whom have been massively supportive.

Click here to find out more about my first novel "Jack's Legacy" and read the first two chapters.

Look in my photogallery to see the locations used in Jacks' Legacy, in and around Ironbridge.

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Links and information about the locations used in Jack's Legacy.